(Video: A collection of photos I’ve taken over the years on the island of Kefalonia, Greece, set to Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers”)
Video was made for my blog


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  1. that’s really very beautiful. Which month is the best for flowers in Kefalonia? We usually go in September and then everything is dried out. Really love your photos, they are beautiful. I made some from Kefalonia, too. Love this island.


    • Thank You!
      The “waltz of the flowers” actually starts in late January and all of February (almond tree blossoms, budding bushes, etc), and by March, everything is pretty much anew (though it might still be chilly). April is the most “aromatic” month and usually has the best blue skies and lots of daisies. May is a story in itself – usually weather is great for the beach and that is when you get the yellow hills (wild broom) and the reds (poppies). The photos in the video are from February to late May. Yes, September is scorched as far as the landscape, but my favorite beach month. You can see some more “inside” views on the SEASONAL GOODIES category on my KefaloniaWorld blog.
      Thank you, once again, may the flowers be with you!

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      • Thanks a lot for taking your time to explain all the beauties of Kefalonia to me. I’m half Kefalonian and of course I love this extraordinary island. I go there every year for one month and when the first rains start a lot of wonderful flowers come out in September. But to come in spring must be wonderful, too. We might do this next year. Thanks again, have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza


      • And from me, thank you for all the amazing posts on your blog. I especially like the old doors. Lots of history and old world aesthetics in those broken down panels! You gave me an excellent idea for a writeup on the other blog and would love to have you collaborate on that. Have a great day!

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      • Well, first of all thanks for your approval. I’m really interested in a collaboration. I make a lot of photos from old doors because I think the art of ironsmithery should not be forgotten. In Greece I nearly never found one design twice. They took care to invent new designs all the time. Incredible. Have a great day, too. Regards Mitza


      • Send me an e-mail at Kefaloniaworld(at) so I’ll have your address, and I’ll elaborate on what I have in mind 🙂

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