misty embrace
Natural Breakwaters

Jagged rocks that are sun-drenched playgrounds for swimmers in the summer, become natural breakwaters and playgrounds for furious waves when the autumn winds turn the quintessential turquoise blue into unrelenting cascades of white foam and mist.

(Photos: November 2008- Kefalonia, Greece – shot with long zoom lens, behind rolled up car window due to heavy rain and fierce wind)

natural breakwatersmisty embracestormy seascrashing wavestormy seas mistplatys gialos kefalonia in storm


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  1. nature is always overwhelming. I have not seen such a storm in Kefalonia

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    • In this particular beach (Platis Gialos by the White Rocks Hotel in Lassi) it is not rare and not confined to late autumn or winter. As long as there is a strong southern or southwestern wind, those waves roll in 🙂

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      • Kefalonia has so many beautiful beaches. I didn’t visit this one, I think. Thanks for the tip. 🙂


      • No problem. It’s an easy one, just a few min. from Argostoli (Lassi area). If you are there late Sept./Oct. you can get “lucky” with waves like these. The only problem is that you may have to drive to Argostoli since ferry service could be suspended in this weather.

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      • Yes, I know that the ferry doesn’t go with high waves. Would be really too dangerous, and I cannot swim, hehe. I know about where it is. We rarely come to Argostoli but I will try to make an excursion. Want to go to the Ainos once again after many years. Do you have any idea how the street conditions are nowadays?


      • As always, use caution (in other words, don’t do what I did!) since you are used to wider roads. The road to the mountaintop has been paved (surfaced) all the way up, so no problems there. Some after quake problems though in the northern part (Myrtos to Assos is closed, you have to go through a long detour) This is as far as I know bc I haven’t been there for a couple of years.

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      • Thanks a lot for your hints. We are used to the roads in Kefalonia since 25 years but honestly I’m happy when I reach the airport safely when I leave. These roads are very small and dangerous. We will try Ainos. Thanks again and have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza

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