full moon eclipse 2015
Full Moon Eclipse, September 27 2015

Beyond the legend, the expectations, the apprehension of missing out on a rare event, once again, the lantern of the night sky reconfirmed its magic and mystery. Closer than ever but elusive, playful but aloof, bright but moody, and just breathtakingly beautiful! With countless phases and images to be revealed in the eighteen year interval till the next big rendezvous with its subjects below.

(Photos: September 27th 2015 – Long Island, New York, with hand held camera)

moonrise on eclipse night 2015
Rising through the clouds and leaving them behind
full moon eclipse september 2015
In a playful mood, just before the eclipse
full moon eclipse september 2015
Escalating drama of the total eclipse of the full moon
full moon eclipse 2015
The eclipse, overexposed, from left to right
blood moon eclipse 2015
Blood moon phaseout in blurry focus
full moon eclipse 2015
Relighting the sky, from left to right
full moon eclipse 2015
Overexposed reversal
streaks of lunar eclipse
Games of light with La Luna!

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