sunrise in fog
The sun struggling to rise through the fog and clouds

The thick, misty, slate shroud rolls in as night falls; by morning, it engulfs in its chilling embrace every inch between sky and ground, obscuring even the colors of Fall. As the sun makes a valiant effort to repaint the washed out landscape, some winged creatures are – surprisingly – more efficient in standing out.

(Photos: November 2015 – Unqua Pond – Long Island, New York)

Dark gray clouds back-lighted by the sun
sunrise over fogg
Sunrise over thick morning fog
morning fog
Gray, colorless sunrise
sunrise over lake wrapped in fog
Light breaking through the gloomy sky, but only momentarily
Just enough light to allow reflection of any fall color remaining
canadian geese in fog
Canada geese flying through the morning fog
geese in fog
Flight into diffused light
foggy flight, water fowl
Rising above the muted landscape
fog, geese, morning mist
Winged formation in misty, slate skies

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