tree silhouette against winter blue The golden hour in winter, be it morning or evening, will change moods, depth, intensity, and slide up and down the color drama scale at whim. Fickle and unpredictable, it will flirt with orange, purple, or washout gray in equal doses of infidelity. But twilight is devoted in its affection for blue, which in term feels obligated to put on its formal, less playful hues to please the suitor season. On this celestial canvas, only black, the most formal of colors, stands a chance to stand out. And it does!

(Photos: December 2015 and January 2016- Nassau County – Long Island, New York)

seagull silhouettes in black
Seagulls on a Winter Morning – even white alters and conforms to the rules.
empty bird nest on bare tree, winter
Empty Nests, left behind in the exodus for warmer winter abodes.
bare tree in blue background
Bare branches, outlined in black, reach out to embrace the winter’s blue.

twilight blue sky in winter

tree silhouette

trees outlined in black against blue sky

twilight blue sky
And a touch of white… dominating in elegance, not color.

mute swan in winter reflections

mute swan in winter setting

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