silk cartwheels
Suspended by droplets woven into silk cartwheels.

Thriving on the morning droplets of summer and autumn, they weave intricate silk-threaded wheels, sheets, and funnels to entrap their unsuspecting dinner guests. A spider’s lavish meal requires a new tablecloth be spread each time, making this undesired garden resident a menacing but perfect host.
Creepy or misunderstood creatures? Does it matter?

(Photos:  Some humid mornings in 2013 –  2015 Long Island, New York)

morning moisture
A natural workshop for weaving intricate patterns.
sheet spider web
Silk sheets and tablecloths.
pearly droplets
Nature’s canvas.
spider web on red
Silk threads on red.
spider web
Creations in morning moisture.
spider art
Spider art in indigo hues.
cartwheel spider web
Cartwheels of silk threads.
garden spider web
Waiting for dinner to be served!
lakeside spider web
Work-in-progress or finished meal?
spider web in blue sky
An almost invisible connection.
spider in twilight
Suspended in twilight.
silky spider weave
Glistening cartwheels, vertical and horizontal silk lines.
garden web
Hiding in the web of creation.
garden spider
Delicate threads, stronger than steel.
droplets in spider web
The original canvas trapped in the process.


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