purple umbrella on the beach
A woman letting her striking umbrella down, just long enough to snap a beach photo on her tablet, and to be, in turn, captured by a stranger’s camera. Greenport, NY – August 2016

When the purity of blue – the quintessential summer color – is breached by red, the color spectrum is enriched with its most powerful wavelength. Once reserved for exclusive use by royalty for their imperial trimmings, purple is provided in abundance by  nature for the non-titled. Depending on the outcome of the battle between blue and red, the color of mystery and creativity takes on hues ranging from warm violet to cool indigo.

(Photos: Summer 2016 –  Along the waterways of Long Island, New York)

purple cornflower echinacea purpurea
Echinacea Purpurea – nothing common about the ubiquitous purple coneflower.
violet skies
Summer morning fog and evening skies painted violet and indigo.
cabbage white butterfly
The cabbage white butterfly, itself lacking in distinctive color, has a natural attraction for spectacular hosts. Beauty by association?
violet fireworks
July 4th fireworks, breaking with color tradition.
purple morning glory flower
Dressed in deep purple, drenched by morning dew, and highlighted by the sun, the unassuming morning glory flower gets a status upgrade!
purple berry
The dark, rich purple of summer berries.
bee on wild lilly
Buzzing to get to a rain-drenched, light purple destination.
Blue-purple chicory flower.
poke weed phytolacca americana
Phytolacca Americana. The common, ever-present pokeweed – or pokeberry – a natural purplish dye, while toxic to most forms of life, is gourmet fare for the popular birds of summer (northern cardinals, mockingbirds, etc).










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