Central Park street performer

The popularity of New York’s magnificent playground soars in April and May; the trees have completed their journey from bare to vivid green, and the cherry blossoms peak.  But even in early March, when the winter colors still prevail and signs of Spring are negligible, the Park begins to fill with visitors from every corner of the world. It is then up to the spirited and creative NY street performers to ease the city’s visitors into the “New York state of mind” that they’ve traveled here to experience. They’ll miss the cherry blossoms, but no one is complaining.

(Photos: Early March 2017 –  The Mall – Literary Walk – Central Park, NYC. It was a clear, warm day of brilliant sunshine, without a hint that snow was to follow a few days later.)

Spring’s shy arrival at Gapstow Bridge

Gapstow Bridge, Central Park

Gapstow Bridge New York

street performer Central Park
Melodic welcome to Spring
street musician Gapstow Bridge
Street musician at the Pond, Central Park
street performers Central Park
And the show begins!

street performance NYC

street performer

street performers in NYC Central Park

street performer New York

street performance Central Park

street performers at the Mall Central Park
Collection time!

street performance in the park NYC

street performers NYC
The show must go on: a new group of performers takes over entertainment duty

street performance by Bethesda Terrace

street performers New York
Street musicians, Bethesda Terrace Arcade – Central Park, NY.  Performing “Stand by Me” to a captive, international audience

street musician Central Park

Representatives of all Arts at the Mall, Central ParkArtistry in Central Park

In the shadow of Christopher ColumbusLiterary Walk, the Mall

Strolling down The Mall – Literary Walk, Central ParkThe Mall, Central Park

strolling down the Mall, Central Park

Central Park, the Mall

Angel of the Waters
Angel of the Waters, Bethesda Fountain







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